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Loz in San Francisco

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By lozza6 - Posted on 05 January 2009

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what else did you throw your leg over?

Let there be light

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apparently these 'friends'


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for those of us from a generation that catches up with their friends in person

Let there be light

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not sure if this will work long-term.. but i was referring to these 'digital' friends Sticking out tongue which I 'virtually' met in San Francisco

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...wonder how long this pic will stay on!!

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Note the girls are more interested in each other than Loz? Laughing out loud

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in those pics!
What is this forum about again??? Puzzled
Ah yeah.. I forgot... boys stuff!!! Thanks!
Can't you open a separate section for your 'special needs'? Sticking out tongue

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Rob was referring to the girls in the pic as opposed to ladies who visit the forums... Eye-wink

Then again...

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Rob, I was happy to be there observing the girls 'interest' in each other..

it was a great show! Laughing out loud

Caro.. I take it I shouldn't put up any pics from NYE in Vegas then Sticking out tongue


This pic to keep it more on topic.. A hill in San Fran tributed to NobMob

Nob Hill

and here I am riding up Lombard Laughing out loud

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