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Jubilee Park Toowoomba

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By blackbetty - Posted on 13 January 2009

First all if you havent got this months issue (its like a special issue) of Australian Mountain Bike (no I dont work for them) you should because the whole issue has like 48, 2page spreads on all the best trails in Australia. Get it!

Just thought I'd wack some pics and thoughts up about the DH track (and a little of the XC) track at Jubilee Park in Toowoomba.

But first some pics:

The old man jumping!

Me on the same jump.

This thing is massive! It only kicks you as high as I am there but you have to land where that blue plastic pole is on the other side of the picutre.

Needless to say I didnt make the gap! Too long, more speed required. I know a bad workman blames its tools but the jump could probably do with a bit more lip cuz you have to hit it flat out.

For those who like a close inspection.

The track is pretty cool. Its VERY loose! Lots of rocks and pebbles. To do it quickly you have to be on the edge of your grip the whole time which is pretty scary. Some of the single track is so thin your sorta wisking your way through the bushes either side. A few good jumps. The XC course isnt much to speak of when I'm spoilt with Ourimbah just down the road from home.

Finally, its boody hot up here and a long slog back up the hill but so worth it!

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