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Looking for a nice 60-70km training run

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By philberesford - Posted on 20 January 2009

Hey guys
Anyone know of any good training trails that I can get a good 60km+ from?


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You can link up a lot of tracks in Terrey Hills.
We did over 40km just over the West Head Rd side of Terrey Hills on Saturday

You can easily add on Perimeter/Long tracks. Perhaps even the tracks on the south side of Terrey Hills such as Sandy, Neverfail trails. And then you could even be silly and ride over to Cascades Smiling

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Yeah - try these...

This one was going to be longer, but we came back on the road 'cos of someone's dicky knee. Could have done more on West Head too:

Oaks fun + some (you can add more on Pisgah ridge too):

Andos + Oaks, always fun Smiling Do it backwards for more training Eye-wink

The I would suggest the already mentioned Northern Beaches Hill Fest, but add on Duck Hole + Centre + West Head hills if you're mad Eye-wink

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in a few weeks (ie when I sit down for 5 & plan it) - it will be about 65-70k's of unreal fun..

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Stuart and I may do a slow version of that - hey Stuart!

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You just don't get it Blondie, training is for the weak. The wonderful thing about a complete lack of preparation is that failure comes as a complete surprise

Let there be light

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Count me in on any "dirtworks" training ride. I missed last years training ride because I was doing the BMC 100 in VIC. I am doing the "double" again so any weekend from end of feb to early april I will be in for a good fun big ride at wiseman's ferry.

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Well don't forget to sign up here

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