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"I want that one"

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By Stuart M - Posted on 22 January 2009

4.2lb for a medium frame including shock
22lb for a full build....mmmmmmmm

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I mean this bike is light, but can one be too light so it actually becomes difficult to ride? I'm just waiting for someone to start filling frames with helium to really help them lift over those bumps.... Smiling


Bernd's picture

good Q! what is to light?
"weight for rider info coming soon"! better check that one first, some of the Carbon super light bikes have a weight limit for the rider!

nh's picture

There is a review here if you want to drool over it some more

Buck's picture

The cycling news site says there is no rider weight limit.

But yes it is a very nice bike. Not that I have the money for it and not that I'm that serious about XC racing!

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GAZZA, is this the one in your long term plan Eye-wink

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That 'Too light' question is interesting. If you subscribe to the Steve01 school of DH you'll notice that he just ploughs through rough rocky descents without a care. Momentum is your friend here for sure. Heavy bike + rider, combined with speed means the rocks have no chance of pushing you off course. A light bike, or worse, a light bike ridden slowly 'cos the geometry is all wrong for such descents will not have the momentum of the heavy, fast one and you are more likely to be thrown off course by a rock and crash (exhibit 'A' - Buck at Duck Hole last weekend).

Whether 1Kg or so makes any difference is up for debate, we all know the rider's weight is more of a factor in most cases, eh? Sticking out tongue

That said - this thing would be a weapon round smooth-ish XC courses Smiling

Buck's picture

Ahhh so you saying I need to add some bricks to my bike and eat more Rob?
Yes I was lucky to not come off worse at Duck Holes on Saturday because I sure was going at a fair tack!

Rob's picture

You weren't going that fast. I seem to recall following you at a cruisy pace and thinking, "Oh... that's an interesting line, Buck" Sticking out tongue

Buck's picture

Ahhh so that must be due to the weight of your Cannondale keeping you planted then Sticking out tongue

Anyways back on topic now!

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i'm gonna be looking for a bike like this mate although the way the dollar is at the moment i dont think i'll be parting with 6+ grand u.s.

pikey's picture

My camel back loaded with batteries and water weigh that much!

The Liver is Evil and must be punished Sticking out tongue

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That bike is puny... no thanks. How about a Nomad instead? Smiling

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Nice bike - but I'm a bit surprised that for a bike that light they didn't put a carbon crankset such as RaceFace's Next XC, save a few more grams Eye-wink


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