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575 is shown some love

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By Rob - Posted on 29 January 2009

Today the 575 got two shiny new tires. Both 2.35 single ply wire bead jobbies. Not UST but full of Stans so hope they stay up. The front is a Minion DH F and the rear a High Roller. The High Roller was a pain in the butt to get to seal but Minion went up in seconds. Think that was to do with 'roller being pushed out of shape a little in shipping.

Have to say 2.35s look a lot better (you recall how stupid I said a 2.1 Ignitor looked on the front during the first build?). Hopefully will see how they handle on Saturday. Smiling

Tomorrow it'll get a new HG93 chain since I nabbed it's for use on the Rush. Said chain is currently soaking in de-greaser and will get several applications of White Lightening wax lube.

Annoyingly it also needs a new bolt in the linkage behind the shock. Tiny little thing that has worked loose and dropped out on the trail. I hope CBD has spares of these to hand!

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Yeah 2.1s or lower don't really belong on a 6 inch bike...

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I have a 2.35 Ignitor on the front and its the same size as the 2.1 Kenda on the back!

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Had a brainwave and went round to Coventry Fasteners on the way to work. Though that better than to take pot luck in the city.

They are good blokes in there, all sorted. Smiling

Ahhhh... commuting on the bike so so convenient for little detours like this.

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You shouldn't really use degreaser to "soak" your chain in.
I.E. Don't fill an ice cream container and leave your chain in it to soak over night.
the degreaser will get right into the chain even the bits the dirt can't and dry it all out
and when you got to re-lube your chain you wont be able to get any new lube into the links.

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Hmmmm... I usually do this without any ill effects. I see your point though - maybe next time just a small rinse and scrub with toothbrush to get the sticky stuff off the outside.

P.S. I can't eat ice cream so it was a take out food container Eye-wink

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Back in my (Moto) trials-riding days we used to soak the (cleaned) chains in melted chain grease/wax - in an old pot on the kitchen stove.

The grease or wax becomes very viscous at higher temps (70 deg) and gets into all the hard-to-reach bits. And it stays in there much longer... Eye-wink


Don't do this when the S.O. is home - she won't understand Sad

More info here:

Cheers, Hans
May all your lines be the right ones...

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try this instead
works a treat.
best done over a long weekend though.

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Well, the "57 Sram Power Links" part anyway...

Hmmm, a chain of powerlinks - crochet anyone?

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Hmmmmm... it's amazing how much better linkage looks when you tighten the bolts that hold it in place! Eye-wink

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