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It was wet, REALLY wet, but we loved it

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By Whisperer - Posted on 15 February 2009

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Jetblack twenty four hours Sydney
Blondie Locks and the 5 NoBs
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Kinda weird, but in spite of the conditions it was a great weekend, everyone was in 'disturbingly' good spirits.
Can't say I've done a night lap before where it is teeming rain, the mud is inches deep in places, the downhill is treacherous, the creek single track section a case of join the dots of traction, and the brake pads last between 1 and 3 laps.
But then, getting out at 7.30 this morning when the track had a chance to stabilise overnight, it was good again.

To give you some idea of the mud, all used the firehose to get clean enough to come inside and have a shower after our laps throughout the event!

Everyone put in an amazing effort, Lord Groover takes the crown again, Blondie and the 5 nobs coming in 3rd in mixed sixes, and team toast fighting for third in open sixes. They'd have done it too if their fastest 2 riders hadn't been sidelined for hours without brske pads.

Excellent weekend, and thanks to all the trail builders who put in the effort to turn virgin bush and firetrail into a ridable track!

(results and time from memory, will update when officially posted)

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