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Cycle the length of New Zealand

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By Rob - Posted on 27 February 2009

Did anyone else just get this mail from NZO?

STOP PRESS: The biggest idea so far hatched in the New Zealand Jobs Summit was proposed by Rob Fyfe of Air New Zealand and backed by PM John Key as Minister of Tourism. Fyfe proposed a $50m cycleway spanning the entire country, which would create over 3500 jobs and provide a huge tourism opportunity: think Otago Rail Trail 1500kms long. We suggest you all write to Mr Key saying we support it as long as there are jumps every 300 metres. He will listen to Aussies, too.

Time to move to unzud?

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Got it too, can wait to get back over there later in the year again for my annual pilgrimage

If your not out there doing it,
Someone else is

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