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6xpe housing

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By Gary - Posted on 10 March 2009

Finally getting around to making up a new set of lights, half way through machining up a blatant copy of the troutlite.

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A thing of beauty!

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that looks a bit amateurish Eye-wink


Just wait till you see it next to my piece of junk... haha

good job mate! Can't wait to see the finished product

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But me senses you are hiding the truth. Eye-wink Have you grooved the bottom or done the cutout for the electronics yet?

Edit Just read that it is only half done, sorry

(might have to hit the shed tonight to finish mine)

Let there be light

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How heavy is it?

Just a big block of alu?

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Once it is fully machined I am hoping it will be somewhere around 120g.

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And I presume because it's CNC you can make more? Smiling

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Because it is the first one it hasnt been made on a cnc, so there is no program written for it. But I may be talked into making one or two if needed.

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I'm guessing those cooling channels are around 5mm wide (so also around 5mm deep). Could you have made them smaller if you wanted? Can you also run across the width to make a matrix a bit like the Jaycar LED sinks you can see on this:

Housing to holes

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Yes Rob about 4mm wide and 5mm deep.

I could have made smaller grooves, but I actually prefer the look of the larger, also this design has proven to dissapate the heat quite well, so didnt see any reason to change.

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Awesome housing Gary. You'll have to make a few for us for out next build.

With Loz, Rob, Gary and myself all building 6 LED lights we'll light up the whole Mont course if we all get out on track Smiling

Awesome, can't wait to finish the build.

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is the same than the actual thickness of the fins you cut then you don't actually gain any surface area by doing this, if it is bigger then you actually lose surface area. You are better making thiner fins with a narrower gap to get more fins in the same area or just make the fins taller

Let there be light

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