You are hereGood weather, great riding, but Oh Man that hurt!

Good weather, great riding, but Oh Man that hurt!

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By Isildur - Posted on 17 March 2009

17 Mar 09

Have been riding lots recently, and a couple of weeks ago a colleague of mine casually mentioned he'd pinned a sub-33 lap...
I figured I'd have a go... Last week, not so good. Pulled around a 36 minute lap, but that involved a stack and a spew Sticking out tongue - but I figured I had it in me after that one! Shocked

Went out today, and everything went perfect! Great weather, great riding, no interruptions on the trail, and managed my first "sub-33"! Not easy at all, but it felt so good afterwards! That feels about my limit, but I guess I'll see what happens next time I try a hot lap.

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Well done champ. Pretty good for a downhiller! Smiling

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Hehe Laughing out loud Although, I've been riding XC for far longer than DH!

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