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Mont 24 2009 Trail Map (55m 24s)

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By Nic - Posted on 06 April 2009

Here it is in Google Maps

Will see if I can put it up on Motionbased later ...


ps time was 55m 24s - unfortunately not mine!

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heres my Mont lap from Sunday morning

Notice my average HR of 183 Shocked, think i was a little sick Eye-wink


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Hey Don, you forgot to mark in where you had your two spews.

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Here's my 'fun' lap from Sunday morning:

Funny Don mentions HR - average for the 'fun' lap was 147BPM. Average for my 'trying quiet hard, but not 100%' lap on Saturday was 167BPM. Average for my 'just cruising cos it's late and I have to do 2' laps was 145BPM.

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