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Cresent Head/ Kempsey Area

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By dkido - Posted on 07 April 2009

Morning All,
I am heading up to Cresent Head for holiday's in a bit over a week. I am in great need of some intensive training for Dirtworks. Does anyone know the area around Cresent Head and Kempsey? Is there any good trail around here?

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The Point Plomer road is mainly undulated fire trail, from here you can go as far as Port Macquarie, hilly in parts. Might be worth a look.

Check it out on Google Maps


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Tele point which is one of the HVMTB club tracks is great puch out a few laps there and there are also really good trails at bago there is a long list of trails on the HVMTB website

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Toddy, Spudatm,
Thanks for your help. Broken Bago State Forest is looking hopeful for a good day out and point Plomer for the early morning fittness ride. Will try and give some feed back on how this go's when I return.

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