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Port Macquarie trails?

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By Matt K - Posted on 08 April 2009


Heading up to Port for Easter. Any recommendations on good trails around the city? There seem to be plenty of state and national forests. Looking for trails and a bit of tech rather than just fire road though. Won't have time to get right up to Coffs.



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I use to live up in Port and there is a great range of trails up there to explore. A good start is also the staff at Gordon Street Cycles are full of advice and directions to good spots. You know the terain must be good is Jason English lives and trains in Port Macquarie and keeps winning endurance races.
Have fun exploring.

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That's fantastic, thanks. Any good downhill trails you would recommend?

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There is a downhill track at the Jolly Nose, south of Port Macquarie but as I am not into downhill I am not sure what its like, you can drive up it so shuttles take care of the climbs if you have someone to drive.
Otherwise ask around or hopefully someone will post a comment helping you out.

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