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2009 Australian Solo 24 Hour MTB Championships

Bernd's picture

good work!!! Love it.
again well done everyone, you guys are mad.....

Supagav's picture

Ladytoast that is a fantastic job!!!!

It really shows 24hr race......

Cheers for all the work putting this together.

Paul's picture

Dylan - love your work but how come everything slowed down when Christine took over filming?

LadyToast's picture

User error Smiling

pikey's picture

Excellent work mate.

It felt like I was there. I even got tired watching it and found myself reaching down for my drink bottle.
The scene when V crossed the line and fell into Gav's arms and the excellent secondary support by Jay to catch her bike brought a tear to my eye.

Once again good work everyone

(Mmmmm wonder if I could do one of those events. NO!)


24 Hr races are Evil and must be conquered Sticking out tongue

Bernd's picture

"(Mmmmm wonder if I could do one of those events. NO!)"
Why not? you have the best bike for it!!! ?kg to drag along..... and you have done most events,
8h, 24h Team events, 50 and 100km events, all you need is a solo 24h!!!
Go on you know you want to tick the last box!!!

Damien's picture

No harm in starting one.

LadyToast's picture

After this weekend even I'm thinking about it. Scary!

Damien's picture

Your bike has already done most of one that should make it a little easier.

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