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Newbies @ Terrey Hills

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By christine - Posted on 12 September 2006

FINALLY I have a couple of friends who claim they want to come riding so on Sunday at 8.30 I shall drag them down the Long Trail - this I expect will be a slow, social ride and everyone and anyone is welcome!
We will meet in Eurabba Road Duffys Forest (I shall have to refer to my Gregory's to give instructions as well as Stuart does!!!)


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Just in case someone does come on Sunday...
you go down Booralie Road, past the Japanese School, past the Gold Club, past the Shooting Club, past the Tennis Club and just after the Tennis club turn right...follow that to the end and turn right again -at the top of the hill there should by all accounts be a holden ute, hilux and some sort of other four wheel drive...


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There were five of us on the Sunday newbies ride which was really fun – we did the Long Trail and Perimeter (to the Japanese school) – Kristina was very pleased to fall off coming down the hill at the end of the Long Trail – she views it as her initiation (hmm!).
My friends laughed at me because I was armed with my muesli bar – you guys have trained me well!!
We did have a camera too, however, Will, who was in charge of that, left it at his car so we only have the end shot...which I shall load soon.
Liam came along for his first Northern Beaches ride which was great and he hooned along!

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