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Mt. York Adventure

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By Carlgroover - Posted on 16 April 2009

Saturday, 23 May, 2009 - 10:00

The meeting times are 'ready to ride'. If you need time to prepare equipment then please arrive a few minutes earlier.

27 hours
Come Rain or Shine: 
I'll be there, no matter what the weather.
Ride Database Entry: 
Mount York
Meeting Point: 

Mt. York road, Mt. Victoria, at the track head of Lockyers Trail

Show on Google maps: Meeting point. Login or register to get directions.


The trails in this area have a bit of everything and impress all that ride them, there's plenty of fast downhills and wonderful single track with techy bits to keep you on your toes. It's not considered hard but you will need good braking control, I wouldn't recommend this for beginners.

This is an overnight social trip with plenty of awesome riding as well, I've discussed a deal with and we can get discounted rates at $50 per head. Check this link for more details this is a beautiful classic Hotel with very helpful management and staff, we also have the option of a buffet meal put on for us at $20-$25 per head.

The ride on the 1st day could be down Lockyers trail then up Lawsons long alley then down Coxs road and up Lockyers trail. Don't be fooled by the name Coxs road it's a blast and a 5" bike would be ideal here.

I haven't decided on the riding for the second day but there is many options including Berghoffers, Lidsdale XC tracks or from Megalong valley up the six foot track to the Coxs river and back.

Due to the date change if you are now unable to attend, please click the exit button to free up your place.

Who's in?
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pikey craigs christine GAZZA lorrie Andy Bloot GeordieAndy Carlgroover mtbasn.alex LadyToast Supagav Checkmate jdb dangersean kiwigirl JOE Steve C johnbaddeley
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JOE's picture

Hey John Tien,Pikey and myself are booked in.


Checkmate's picture

Hey, I booked a budget room for $89.00. There are 2 options, one room that sleeps 3 or the other that sleeps 5.
So, if you don't snore or the other, feel free to PM me to share the costs. Thanks guys!

jdb's picture

Had been playing a little phone tag with Rachael this week.

Carlgroover's picture

I was talking with the hotel today and have confirmed we will have the use of a secure room with alarm to house the bikes overnight, so there is no risk of having them stolen from your car while you sleep.

I would suggest you also bring your bike locks for further peace of mind and some method of partially cleaning your bike before bringing in indoors so we don't upset anyone.

Cheers John Smiling

Hans's picture

My Mt York Spot is now available Smiling

Sorry guys - I'm out - new job, new priorities. Bugger.

Enjoy it while you can! Eye-wink

Rgds, Hans
There are two paths you can go by but in the long run........

kiwigirl's picture

I can't make Saturday but could make the Sat nite festivities and Sunday ride if that's ok with everyone. Smiling
Cheers Tracy

Carlgroover's picture

Can't have too many Kiwi's on a ride, we're having the buffet between 6.30-8.30pm so if you'd like the buffet let me know it's $22.50
Cheers John.

kiwigirl's picture

just need to know the accommodation situation. Any rooms left?

Checkmate's picture

Hi Tracy, just sent you PM.

johnbaddeley's picture

Really looking forward top the ride, have accommodation booked, but forgot that my girlfriend is using the car on Saturday. Is anyone able to give me a lift please?? I live in Mona Vale. Thanks, John (tel:0466 679 446)

tienster's picture

given the rain last 24 hours, can any one guess the condition of the track will be?


dangersean's picture

Can't believe I am going to be 'that' guy, but could somebody tell me if my crossmark on the front would be the go this weekend or should I be putting an ignitor on?

lorrie's picture

are we talking about this already? gee

man up Eye-wink

GeordieAndy's picture

It had to be you didn't it?!!!!

No idea - I use what came with the bike! Smiling

Flynny's picture

Crossmarks are my choice for those trails.

Wetnesswise the trails drain well and cope with wet weather riding. Sections of the lawsons may get a bit boggy but the rest should hold up unless arks full of of animals are floating past.

tienster's picture

just wanted to know if i'd be up to my neck in mud, that's all.


dangersean's picture

thanks for the tip mate..

GeordieAndy's picture

it's good for the complexion!

pikey's picture

For your information I'm putting on my bike my Panaracer fire 2.4's so I can float over the mud and puddles Eye-wink


The rain is Evil but must be collected Sticking out tongue

craigs's picture

The rainy weather is not usually as bad in the Mountains as coastal showers peeter out at Parramatta or Penrith at best.
And for heavens sake, ride whats on the bike Smiling
But do remember to install the flappy thingo on your forks, which apparently helps with mud fling.
Blondie has a set up she can share from the muddy 24hour.


Little-Ditty's picture

The Groover rang me to see if anyone can help John Baddeley with a lift from Mona Vale? Anyone have space? Is anyone coming from a similar direction?

John, is there a way you could get any closer to Sydney on the morning, so that someone can pick you up? Maybe that may improve your chances? Smiling

LadyToast's picture

I am coming that way so I could pick you up but I'm leaving first thing on Sunday morning so you would have to find another way home (ride?). I'm coming from Frenchs Forest.

This might help though?

jdb's picture

John, I can give you a lift, maybe a little cramped in my little barina though.

Does anyone have a spare roof bike rack, that I could borrow for the weekend? I've got one for my bike would be handy to borrow one to put john's bike on the roof also. If not we can always squeeze a bike into the back of the car.

Sascha's picture

and I won't be able to make it. Hope i didn't block anybody from joining.

Caro's picture

I hope I didn't stop anybody from coming along either, sorry for the late notice Shocked
Have been in bed with a cold half of the week and don't feel up for the ride tomorrow. Will still come along for the social fun and the sleep over though! Smiling Also will take the bike and see what the plan is going to be for Sunday.
Am looking forward to see you all tomorrow!

Carlgroover's picture

The weather is less than perfect but the forecast for Lithgow is as promising as we can expect I'd bring warm clothes to ride in as it can get cool up there.

The steepness of the ride tomorrow is a blessing as it drains very quickly and the tracks are not muddy but a sandstone base.

Pack a bit of lunch in your back pack for tomorrow's ride and I'll see you there Smiling

pikey's picture

I was looking forward to our last and pie's.

Not happy Jan Sad

Anon Eye-wink

The Liver is Evil and must be punished Sticking out tongue

Carlgroover's picture

Around half way though the ride we will be passing ours cars, so it's real easy to have an esky there and hell I'd eat a cold pie!
So bring what you'd like.

pikey's picture

Cold beer is the easy bit.
I've got two choko's five potatos and half a loaf of mouldy bread that I'm happy to share Eye-wink

See ya soon


Andy Bloot's picture

How far along Mt York rd is the meeting point
And is it on the left or the right of the road (coming up the hwy and turning right)

Carlgroover's picture

Good question Andy, I'll measure it tomorrow by zeroing my trip meter at the highway Eye-wink

The trail is off to the right of Mt. York road and is signposted, we will also have to park at Lawsons Long alley trail as there is more parking there, If you see my white commodore wagon (I'll leave it in view) then stop.

Little-Ditty's picture

Sorry, but I am out for riding on Saturday and Sunday. I now have confirmation that I broke my hand last weekend. Sorry for the late notice. My spot is now now available if someone wants to go instead. Smiling See you out there, soon. Smiling

BTW, I will still be meeting you in Mt Vic for dinner, brekky etc. Its just that I can't ride my bike. Sad

Carlgroover's picture

Why can't we (humans) invent a product to plasticise our bones to make them more bendy, I'd pay a lot for those tablets.

tienster's picture

Have fun guys.


Nic's picture

... and take care.

I can't make this one, next time hopefully!!!


LadyToast's picture

Thanks for those that looked after me and my bike after my stack. I wasn't too happy to leave you all and walk back to the car, I was really enjoying the ride. More over I'm pretty miffed I didn't see that tree, I was sure I had that section licked otherwise. Lesson to self, check out those techy sections before atttempting them, especially in rain like that.

Have a good night fellas, tomorrow will be a corker.

Steve C's picture the Blue Mountains, fantastic trails and a fun group to ride and drink with. Can't wait to do it all again in the dry. Shame about the mechanicals ......look forward to seeing the photo's .

dangersean's picture

Well fair enough I got a mechanical on the first morning that kept me off the bike for the rest of the weekend. Though, it was fun being 'towed' out by all & sundry! The trail I did get down was awesome and would like to get back soon.
Nobmob took over the hotel imperial for the weekend and we had a blast! food, booze, pool and the best of company. Groover, what a legend for organising it.
Sunday's attempt to get me riding again didnt quite work, but again I am thankful that everyone kept at it trying to get me going. You are very much a persistant bunch! Hope you all enjoyed Sunday's riding and do know how jealous I am I couldnt join you... Next time Smiling

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