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Sat 16th 8:30am ride West Head

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By Heckler - Posted on 14 September 2006

For those who don't want to WASTE the day in bed!(Rob)
Meet at Towlers Bay carpark at 8:30am.
Trails will depend on who turns up.

C U there

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I don't think I have to work tomorrow but if I do it will be after 12 so I will be there - will you do Duck Ponds?
Where is the Towlers Bay carpark?


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Well, Jeff and I had a great ride at West Head (once I finally found the car park!) The hill down to Towlers is great as written on the site and yes, on the way up I did think about the fun going down!
I have never been to West Head for anything much and I was a lovely morning with lots of beautiful views - it was quite a social outing with a bush walking club and running into Jeffs dad – not to mention Jeff being the good Samaritan....firstly helping a man fix his gears and chain and then at the very end after a man ran behind our cars waving wildly whilst hanging onto his road bike Jeff picked him up and gave him a lift home...
I had a great time and even better, I got more tips on how to improve!!!

MEEE Smiling

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