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Woodford to Glenbrook Howl

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By Stuart M - Posted on 16 September 2006

Well after the success of the last, and first, group night ride I 've set my sights on something a little more adventurous.

I know this is a few weeks off yet but thought some of you with a social life might need some time to clear the calendar. The next full moon just happens to fall on a Saturday night, 7th of October to be precise. Thought this might be a really good opportunity to ride Woodford to Glenbrook under the light of that not so biggish white thing in the night sky.

From memory this is normally about a 2hr ride, so I would expect about three at night( happy to stand corrected if anyone has a better idea) Given that alot of this trail is considerably more open than TH I would suspect it is another good opportunity to test Christines theory about ridding with no lights (no I won't be attempting this). Assuming this to be the case and given that a couple of us rode last week with little better than "commuter lights" I don't think you would need anything overly fancy to join us if you are game. As for last time though this should be a decision only you can make. I guess I'm trying to say if you want to come but don't have a professional set of lights, still feel free to join us.

I would envisage leaving Woodford station by about 7.30ish so will need to check back with times to meet at Glenbrook station for the trip up but probably around 6 to 6.30 ish.

Fire back if you are at all interested.


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Ive got a bucks night (weekend) on that date. Bummer!


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