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Canberra Mob.

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By Morgan - Posted on 20 April 2009

I'm moving to Canberra in a month or so and will be looking for riding buddies.

If anyone here is based there or goes there often and wants to ride the good stuff there, PM me or reply here and I'd love to hook up pretty regularly.

I'll post rides here too for day/weekend trippers from Old Sydney Town.

Cheers! Mr Rohloff....

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Loads of Can'bra riders (ok - a few) hang out on MTB-OZ. It's a mailing list though and they tend to $hit on talk about lots of stuff not actually related to meeting up and riding.

I could quiet easily create an ACT group. Hmm... although we need some sort of 'locality' thing going on for that really. How about and the like? Although... erm... QLD and VIC are a bit big Eye-wink

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.....why would a sane person like yourself leave the exciting and world renown trails namely perimeter & long trail, duck and centre for amateur rides like Majura, Sparrow Hill and Mt Stromlo??

Mad I say.

Have fun and I'll see you down there for the next Scott and/or Mont


Deserters are Evil and must be talked about behind their backs Sticking out tongue

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and must be taken on the Sparrow hill and Stromlo ride

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