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Sat 23rd Sept Cascades 3pm

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By lizzoi - Posted on 20 September 2006

Hi all,

Justin and I are doing Cascades at 3pm Saturday (the morning ride got bumped for a photographic session in the cemetary ... go figure). Post here or call Justin on 0419 611 681 if you want to join us. We will be starting at the Wyatt St entrance.



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That's Wyatt Ave, Belrose Sticking out tongue

What happened to Sunday's lurker's ride? Will be at Ourimbah Sat morning, but ready for learner stuff Sunday morning.


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Hi, I'm a 'newbie' to the site.
Used to ride a lot but haven't for a while...the bones are a creaking!
Would it be OK to join you guys on Sat for Cascades.
I'll try and blow all 3 of my lungs!


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Just been reading the whole Cascades thing
Probably a bit too much for me at present, I think I'll be better off going on a beginner ride first.

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That's cool we are going to go the gym instead - but see you on the ride tomorrow morning!

Yes Liz and I are going to go and lift weights so we'll see y'all at Terrey hills tomorrow.

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