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What to buy as 2nd MTBike?

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By fer - Posted on 21 September 2006

Hi there!! I have been hitting the trails for a year now with a Trek 3700 ( I feel it is time to move forward and use it to commute only. My budget is $2500 max. including new helmet and shoes. I wonder if it is worthy the full suspension or the lighter models. Add shoeclips? Hidraulic brakes? Adjustable suspension? Remember, we add one thing but remove another to keep the budget! I don't race. I rather take the down hills slow no stopping than fast with a crash half way down. More important I want something to go up as weel as down. Any comments? Help? Thank you
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will set you back around $2700 for the whole package with 12 months free service in North Sydney

Been looking at this myself

PM me know if you are interested (and NO - i do not have anything to do with selling bikes!) - got a better price then this too

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Hey, I'm also looking at buying a mountain bike early next year.
I'm looking at the Ironhorse Yakuza Aniki. SIC bikes will give one to me for $1400 at that is a dual suspension, and mechanical brakes. A guy there told me that I could have it with Hydrualics for $1600.
But I'm going to stay with machanical brakes (its a million times better than V brakes when it comes to water.)

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I'd recommend the hydraulic upgrade, unless the mechanicals pump both pistons (many only move one piston). You'll find yourself constantly adjusting and also they wear out a lot faster if only one piston is moved. Two sets of pads later, you'll be at the same cost as the hydraulics but not wanting to spend $600+++ to change.

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I thought i would upgrade it. Don't ask me why i didn't do it before.
I got a Giant Trance II '07. I rode it for 3 years now.
Since then i broke hanger 3 times and the whole derailer once. I took the excuse to upgrade to v9. I looked at changing the gear to shimano where the derailer is not so outside the bike but didn't.
I stayed with the clips the bike came with. That is something i regret. I got used to ride with the clips and sometimes it is not so good, specially when i stop half way in a downhill technical section. I can't clip back in and go on and I have to carry the bike down walking. I am not changing it because i still have the shoes. When i brake the shoes i will probably change the pedals for clipless.
I got the hidraulic brakes and so far i had to bleed them twice (once i pressed the brake without the wheel there) and change all pads (rear and front) last month.

Appart from the pedal clips and the derailer i am very happy with the bike. I would recomend it, unless you have a much bigger budget Smiling

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Hey Fer,
There are plenty of god options for that price. especially if you pickup a discount 09 model as the 2010 models are making it into stores now.
Also should get great deals on ex-demo bikes, check out
*****Norco Fluid LT-2 @ TBSM *****

Iron Horse Bootleg 2.0 $2350 @ TBSM

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fleaBay is worth a look for second-handies. For what you want to spend you can pick up duallies that a year ago sold for $5k+ retail.

The key is to know exactly what you want with regard to frame size, and allow an amount in your budget to customise handlebar, stem and maybe seat post to get the final 2% of the fit the way you want it. Adjust what you pay up or down according to the state of wear of the drivetrain.

I did this a couple of years ago, and have a bike that would have cost me more than double what I paid to buy it new. I recently upgraded the fork (if you can call a one-legged fork a "fork" Eye-wink ) and shock with better spec used parts, and a beefier new handlebar from T7, and now have a bike that just seems to get better the more I ride it! Smiling

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