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Sunday "Lurkers" Ride

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By christine - Posted on 21 September 2006

I have to work Saturday but am keen to go out Sunday – would prefer either early morning or late afternoon as it’s supposed to be warm...I am keen to go anywhere – except Cascades, even though hills are my friend (as is speed) I don’t fancy those ones...!!!

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We (P and I) will join you Christine Smiling

Dealer's choice on location and time.

I think Justin was going to propose a lurker's ride that day too, he seems to have forgotten though Eye-wink

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depending on where the ride is Kristina may want to come too...
What is a lurker's ride?
sounds fun!

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Ok, cool - shall we do the usual beginner stuff?

When? For an 8:30am start (so a little before if you need to prep your bike).
Where? Meet shops on Booralie Road, Terrey Hills.
What? We'll ride Perimeter & Long, see: Terrey Hills. You can turn back at the junction with Long Trail if you don't think you can make it the whole way.


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Shall try to get Kristina, she is very keen but I may not tell her we are starting at the shops!!


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sounds like it got organised without me - I'll edit front page to make this the lurkers ride

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Hi all,

count me in for Terrey Hills. Chrisine, I assume the meeting spot is at the shops you pointed out last week- opposite the cafe.

See you Sunday.


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I changed the title to "Lurkers" ride - this will be a beginners / lurkers ride (sorry 'bout the hijack Christine!)

We will do the perimeter trail, then the long trail to one of the best views of the hawkesbury in Sydney.

All the usual -
- 2 litres of water
- sunscreen
- helmet
- couple of muesli bars / favourite energy hit

Post here or call me on 0419 611 681 if any questions.

See you on the trail!

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Hoping to try and come along. Fingers crossed I will see (and meet) you all there.

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