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Cascades 8th Oct, @8am, photosession

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By mitch_f1 - Posted on 22 September 2006

~~~~~*update below*~~~~~~

Was playing with my camera today, and came to the conclusion that I need to get some practise of photographing riders. I'd go with Liz and Justin at 3pm, except I have my 18th planned for that night, so I don't want to go riding a few hours before it starts.

What I propose is meeting at the Douglas St entrance, taking it slow down the single trail, and then down lower Cambourne, and i'll leave whoever comes there (I need to do a lot of study, so I dont want to be out for too long).

Meet: cascades, Douglas St, near Akron Oval
Time: 8am

Please post here if you'll be making it, i'll check before I leave, if no-one posts, I wont bring my camera, and will go for a blast by myself.

Sorry for the last minutness.


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So Mitch,
Can't join you for a ride but what times your party start mate?? Eye-wink

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several hours after Liz and Justin's ride.....but I want time to recover from it Sticking out tongue Why do you ask?

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I'm up for it this weekend if anyone else is keen

Meet at the Akron/Douglas entrance, will decide which route from there. 8am.

Post here if you're comming, otherwise I won't go.

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