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First beam pattern comparison

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By Slowpup - Posted on 30 April 2009

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Crank it to full power! 700mA!

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Nic, I like it.
well done.

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Yeah, yeah... let's see some proper beam shots out on the trail. Ok - or at least in your local park! Sticking out tongue

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I find by the time I'm 50mm away from the tree/ground it too late Smiling
BTW the lights look great.

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I did some testing of light output with a calibrated luxometer, when I convert and measure as specified in the documentation I can find, it appears that at 700mA I get 1399 Lumens output. This tally's with the Cree documentation which says minimum light output for XP-E is 114 lm/watt which gives 1444 lm. At 85% eff for the lens, minimum output calcs to 1227 lumens.

All I know at the moment is it is bloody bright, and when you pull the cable out of the lights in a tight, muddy track, in the dark, at a new moon... you fall in the mud and scratch the new bike.

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That's a magnificent effort!

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