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Rob's Home Made LEDs MkIII

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By Rob - Posted on 06 May 2009

MkIII... various assembly pics:

XPE Single + Triples with lenses Carlco + Khatod Height Carlco + Khatod Lenses Taskled MaxFlex Emitter Holder Measuring Emitter Holder Housing to holes Glued Switch Gluing Optics MaxFlex Clamp MaxFlex Sink Sealant Strain Relief

The finished product:

Front Cover Rob's Mk3 Light Rob's Mk3 Light (top) Rob's Mk3 Light (front)

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Hmmm. So Rob, after all this does your end product end up cheaper and less hassle than if you'd just gone and bought something? Or is it the joy of having something you built yourself that is the main thing here?


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No commercial product out there will match these lights for the money.

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Well - the parts cost was around $140 for the electronics, lenses, emitters from cutter and about $20 for the hedgehog bits. Couple bucks for the stainless screws and the rest was scrap I found on the street (the outer box) or re-used bits (battery, etc.)

As for the build? Well - countless hours of my time could be viewed as rather expensive. But on the other hand, countless hours of enjoyment and entertainment with the build could be viewed as a cost saving - so let's do that.

For a commercial 6 emitter light you'd have to go the Lupine Betty 7 (OK, so at 7 emitters this would be brighter) but these things retail at over a thousand bucks!

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In that case, consider me appropriately impressed. Smiling

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I wondered who bought all the heatsinks at Jaycar...
Great light Rob can't wait to see it in action.

Your leds will be out of date soon though...Laughing out loud

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