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Full moon...

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By christine - Posted on 28 September 2006

Now, Rob has brought to my attention that this is a daggy suggestion but as we are going to farewell Brocky at Bathurst next weekend I wondered whether anyone would be at all interested in going for a moonlit ride (yes, I am still optimistic that there will be no cloud and no lights needed..!!!)
Anyway, next Friday night (6th I believe) is the proposed date...I am getting paranoid about missing a ride since when washing up last night I had a panic attack that I am not fit enough to do this Fling (well, half a fling) thing...


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Hi Christine I really enjoyed the last one even if there was no moon and it rained a bit so am eager to go again.
I'd be interested to go on short notice if there is a fine night earlier in the week. I know the moon wont be "full" but it will be close.


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Let me know what night, time, location and I'll be there

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Too good! well, shall we say Friday night (that is the day before the full moon so it will be bright)
The eternal optimist hey!
I don't mind where so either Terrey Hills or,if you guys prefer Cascades I guess I have to do it sometime... Smiling

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How would the two of you feel about manly dam?

Am more than happy to leave it at TH, will also ride Cascades if you want but its not my first choice, always seem to have trouble there, both mechanical and fitness.

Will leave the decision upto you two, just let me know where and what time.


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I am happy to go anywhere but wouldn't Manly Dam be a bit unsafe in the dark? I mean, it was bad enough on Sunday!! hee hee!
What about the River Trail in Belrose - Craig, where we went with Rob and Co? minus the skinny bush track...and maybe the cross country at Oxford Falls?
Tien said he would come too by the way...

ps did you see the weather forecast?

craigs's picture is awesome wednesday night!! Thursday could be cloudy as the forcast is for possible late shower. Friday looks fine.
I think Terrey Hills is a good ride, little chance of damage. However Manly could be interesting!!
Oxford Falls could be a cracker too!! Cascades?? Hills in the day are bad enough.
1. Terrey Hills
2. Oxford Falls
3. Cascades
4. Manly...maybe =3rd hehe

Thats my 2 cents!

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Christine are you able to ride Friday night with your pilgrammage to the mountain this weekend or would you prefer to chance the weather Thursday night?

If Friday is OK then 7ish in the street beside the Japanese School again, I will be parking down under the lights near the Catholic School. For those that didn't ride with us last month its the street just after the 40k school zone.

See ya


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Summer comp of touch football starts tonight and we have a 7.20 game, so Friday night would be better please - it's supposed to drizzle tonight and be clear tomorrow night - fingers crossed that they are right hey!
A mere trip to Bathurst is not going to get in the way of my riding Stuart!!! - I am hooked but thank you!!
I walked in the dark last night and about 7.30 it was lovely...bright that is...
See you there!

MEEE Smiling

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Were you wearing your sunglasses?

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is it still on Booralie rd? if so what is he nearest cross street?


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Good to see you'll be joining us. Directions as follows

meeting at 7pm on Echunga Rd. According to my street directory this is the 6th street on the right once you are on Booralie Rd, it is immediately after Kulgoa Crescent and is the corner where the Japanese School is. Sydney 2000 UBD 135 Q3. This joins the fire trail just after the "big hill" so should miss all "bog" holes and will be a little easier to find than the carpark on Bulara St, especially in the dark with no street lights.

Tein, last time most parked up on the corner but it is probably better to head down to the end of Echunga Road and park under the light, that way you wont waste battery power getting ready. Remember just after the start of the 40k school zone, turn right.

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He won't need his battery!! The cloud is going to clear for a beautiful mooooooon!!!!

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Christine, Craig, Stuart, Tien

Many thanks for a great ride - by lights and by moon. See you around...



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Ok so I've been a bit of a doubting Thomas when it comes to this whole riding on the night of a full moon without the need of lights. Christine has continuously assured us that there is enough light. Well I'm happy to report back that as of last night, I now know what humble pie tastes like. Are you all sitting down because I'll say this only once, Christine you are right and I am wr... wro... wr... wrong. Whooo that hurts, I've only been wrong once before about ten years ago but then I realised I was mistaken:-)

Any way, yes it is a feasible proposition when there are no clouds and on a nice smooth track like Terry Hills. We rode probably about 70% of the trip out to the turn around point with no lights on at all, really only turning them on when it came to the creek crossings, loose downhills and the run down to the lookout, didn't want anyone failing to stop here. Good fun ride, the sand in the dark really teaches you to ride with a firm but relaxed grip, if that makes sense. Tien was having so much fun he decided to turn his bike into a single speed for the run home, loosing all gears by about a quater of the way back along Long Track.

I will at this point qualify how "wrong" I was. On more than one occasion I heard whispers of "I'm glad you did that" from certain unnamed female companions when I turned my lights on at various times. I will also say that all that had lights turned them on for the majority of the trip home, don't know if it was because of the onset of tiredness or the light cloud cover that started to blow in. For a difinitive answer, check with Tien, who rode the whole thing with no lights at all, full cred mate, especially keeping up with the quick pace Craig and Nic set on the middle section of the trip home.

Thanks all, hope to do it again soon, maybe even on The Oaks which a few people are now beginning to realise would be a blast under moonlight!!

A very, well a little, humble Stuart

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