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By hugoburtmorris - Posted on 13 May 2009

13 May 09


Went out for 2 laps. not too hard out on the first. slammed on the gas on the second. pretty quiet. only about 4 riders i saw.
fair few puddles and wet patches though.
could be faster.
avg 187hr, max 206, min 175

but not bad for a 15yro.


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Sounds like you smashed it!

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Fine work young squire! Some of those old dogs will be in the hurt box with a sub 30 like that.... Smiling

Keep up the good work.

Ever had your bike position (read biomechanics) PROPERLY sorted out? I stress properly as there are many stimpys offering advice who should leave well alone ....

Just reminded me of when I was your age and the difference it can make that I wasn't fully aware of back then, (very critical if your doing any racing)

A mere change in bike position took me from 7min 30's/40's for a hot lap so to speak of oxford falls XC circuit to a PB of 7mins 14 sec for a hot lap.

Just a thought...

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I had thoughts of getting my bike pro fitted . But just at the rate I'm growing, it isn't worth it. I'm waiting on a 70mm stem. It will be shorter and lowe, hopefully getting me a slighty better position.
I'm riding a hardtail, I've been told a few times that I'm probably a little too light for it (64kg) especially when the bike is 10.8 kg. The rear of the bike flicks up a bit here and there.
But I'm sure a better fitting would do me a decent amount of help

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