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Trust me - it goes nowhere!

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By Rob - Posted on 08 October 2006

Here's the profile from today's ride... we agreed, it was toughest 14km Craig or I had ever 'ridden':

I use the term 'ridden' loosely as much of this was lugging bikes up from the abyss that is at the end of the left fork of Road to Nowhere. Yes, yes, my profuse apologies to Craig - the rides was perfect right up until the point he mentioned how good it was going and perhaps we should swing back and join the XC circuit. At this point there might even have been time for a side trip to Moon Rock when we got there.

Sadly though, one of us was convinced the trail we were on would wind to the other fork of the now, Road to Somewhere (you know - that drops down to the creek & waterfall) so away we went on a complete wild goose chase. Complete with descent into the creek, or at that point, swamp. Feeling pretty bad I tried to find a way over the 'creek' to the other side (which would have lead to a quick zap up to the main fire trail and easy ride home). This plan got us nowhere, and collected a whole pile of swamp mud (lovely) on my shoes (which are now in the shower) and razor grass cuts on the shins. Ouch!

Safe to say, no-one enjoyed the climb back out of there. Although bear in mind mountain climbing with your bike is good training for the Dirtworks Eye-wink The ride back up to the cars seemed tougher than it has ever been. Sapped of energy and out of water as we both were.

Tough stuff - won't be trying this again in a hurry!

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