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South Coast Tracks

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By clr_bohdan - Posted on 29 May 2009

I am new to DH, and am trying to find any good DH or cross country tracks on the south coast. Does anyone know of any besides Superbowl and Wandandian?

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I have heard that there is one at Mt Dromedary 9Tilba Tilba) but thats a bit of a hike from Shoalhaven.

Having seen your other threads, if you are interested in getting a track developed in your area and you are in a position to influence, speak to the owner of Moruya Cycles as he has done some work here and there Eye-wink

By the way, I would be very interested to see the trails around Wandandian (and Superbowl). I drive through Wandandian when I head to Tuross Heads where my folks live so if you fancy showing me around.................Smiling

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I will be introducing a motion in the next few months to begin investigating sites for a council maintained dh course and cross country course. So I will keep you updated

In regards to the other runs, I'd be happy to take you out to them any time your coming through. Superbowl is easy to get to, wandandian is a bit harder to and you need a 4wd. But wandi is a sweet dh track

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Check out
May all your lines be the right ones...

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I probably should have suggested around the Shoalhaven in my original thread

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