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Rockshox fork confusion???

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By hairylittlehobbit - Posted on 30 May 2009

i was looking on the rockshox website the other day and looking at the trail forks, theres 4. does anyone know what the differences are? and what type of riding for each one?



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Here you go...
Tora; entry level xc and trail. Pretty heavy and pretty cheap. Good for pricepoint.
Recon; entry level trail and all mountain. See above.
Reba; high performance trail fork and stiff with maxle lite axle. Often chosen by big dudes on an xc racer due to it's robustness over a Sid.
Revelation; high standard all mountain with lower weight, less travel and less tough than a Pike, for bikes that need more than a Reba, in terms of tough and a wee bit more travel, but not the bombproof toughness of the Pike or the travel. And lighter than a Pike.
Tora and Recon have air and coil choices. Reba and Revelation are air only.
All these forks are very reliable and feel great to ride. Overall, modern RockShox products are tops yet all the usual maintenance rules apply.
However, they don't have the long lifespan of a Fox, so in say three years of enthusiastic use, chuck it and simply buy a new fork. That's just how it is.
Just like buying a fridge, select the model that suits your needs and budget, yet factor in a bit of growth. This means that if you're not riding aggressively today, in time you could be as your skills/enthusiasm/bravery improve, you may very well be. Allow for this.

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I've run fox talas and float for many years, and also reba and now revelation.
The reba is a short travel fork for cross country racing, comparable to the 100mm fox offerings.
The revelation is 140mm travel, some models have U Turn for adjustable travel.
I'm extremely happy with the Rev, it's better than my float 140 rlc, especially with a 20mm through axle.
The thing I love the most is the pushloc, perfect for the undulating trails we have, followed by dual air, as you can get the small bump sensitivity set 'just right'. Fox don't have a remote lockout in their long travel range, and in the 120mm fork that they do, there is no adjustability of the blow-off (unlike the rev and reba where you can dial it exactly how you want it.
I don't agree with delicious about wear, in my long distance and many years use, they both wear similarly, and if anything fox seals don't last as long.

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