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Pennant Hills Park to West

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By Alex - Posted on 12 May 2008

"Pennant Hills Park to West Pymble
10 km, medium difficulty

A scenic ride that takes in the variety of vegetation types and offers great harbour and city views and nice spots to stop for picnics."

because mountain bikers are all riding round with picnic hampers i guess?

and the "useful link" underneath to rta bicycle maps has interesting results when u click on it...\\

point being? lack of education as to what mtbing is all about, and a clear lack of even caring enough to be educated, or even fain an interest in what the public want..doesnt anyone working for npsw or such like ride a bike? this has to change, you can roll with the times or fight them, but you cant stop them!

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Is riding in Pennant Hills Park legal?
What about the sections of the great north walk that can take you back towards Epping?

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Most of Penno Park is legal.
There are some parts that are not but they are well sign posted.
Parts of the sections going to Epping are and some aren't. It has been awhile since I have ridden there.
Hmmm maybe its time to go back there.


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