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Anyone ride Terrey Hills on Friday Night?

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By Rob - Posted on 15 June 2009

Did anyone ride around Terrey Hills on Friday night?

Just that I hear from the rangers a 4WD has allegedly been along Duffys Track, Perimeter & Long causing all sorts of damage. Allegedly they were doing a bit of roo shooting too.

If you saw anything give the local parks office a call, or PM/email me and will pass the info on.

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I rode Chiltern, Duck Holes, Centre and back up Chiltern on Friday night and although I didn't see any cars, there was alot of damage to these tracks from a dirt bike or bikes. I went through about 8pm and it was pretty quiet out there. I did nearly collect a Wallaby, which scared the sweet bejesus out of me as i was doing about 60km/hr down West Head Rd.

It is worrying though if people are shooting in the park late at night when we could be out there riding.



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Should I bring a flack jacket for our next ride? HAHAHAHA

Damn Roos, Better install a Roo Shoo to my handle bars too. LMAO

But seriously though, that is a worry if it's true... Fair enough if it was on thier own property in the middle of nowhere. But on public land/trail. Hrmmm

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