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29er ?

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By Bernd - Posted on 22 June 2009

a very nice 29er SS from a former Nobmober

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look at all that BLUE bling.. I may have to ride with him to get my Christmas list sorted.. I had no idea you could get blue pedals... are they anodised?

sexy bike!

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Another 29er Bernd?? Eye-wink


PS: what brand is it - can't quite read it
PPS2: there is no drive-train side photo!

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not Bernds... Smiling

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Have a look at these PRO MOTO™ CARBON FLAT BAR and maybe only one or two spacers. Supagav runs the carbon ones and I run the alloy ones and they are great for SS as they have the width for leverage on the climbs and the comfy sweep of a riser without the rise.

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Drews new frame and fork.

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