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Majura Pines Ride during the 2009 MOUNTAIN BIKE WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP - Stromlo Forest Park

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By Jee10 - Posted on 16 July 2009

Saturday, 5 September, 2009 - 09:00

The meeting times are 'ready to ride'. If you need time to prepare equipment then please arrive a few minutes earlier.

4 hours
Come Rain or Shine: 
I'll be there, no matter what the weather.
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Majura Pines
Meeting Point: 

Majura Pine Forest, off Majura Road.

Show on Google maps: Meeting point. Login or register to get directions.

There might be a rider limit but there is NO speed limit! Come show your speed, breathtaking balancing acts and jumping tricks on the red dirt of Majura Pines.

Heading Down to watch the World Cup at Stromlo on Friday 4th September and leaving Sunday after the presentations. There was plenty of rain last year and this year there might be plenty more! But that shouldn't scare you! Get that heart, legs and bike prepared for an amazing weekend of cycling, racing and anything else you fancy.

There will be more group cycling over the weekend which will be discussed then which won’t be posted. Hopefully I can find some other secret trails to explore which don’t take too much time from the main event. GO AUSSIES!

Will update this tread closer to the date.

Who's in?
sensai_miagi, Chris S, Jee10
sensai_miagi Chris S Jee10
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Chris S's picture

Hi Mate,

Haven't seen you for a while, I understand we nearly bumped into each other at the Woodford to Glenbrook race / ride!!!!!!

I've entered the Angry Doctor that's on the following the weekend and I just don't think the misses has the passion I have for MTBing, probably not going to be able to get away both weekends.

Sorry mate, next time.


Matt P's picture

Will be heading down on Thurs (not sure if AM or PM yet) and will be looking to get to Majura between then and Sat so might see you guys there.

Jeeten, did you have an orange Mongoose Black Diamond at Majura last year?

Jee10's picture

Yes Matt thats me.

sensai_miagi's picture

looking forward to riding with you again chris. hope you can make it too matt P. it was a great day out last year.

Chris S's picture

too Mark. Just don't know what bike to bring down for the weekend!!!!! Would I have more fun on my Enduro at Majura?

I've just made some changes to my race bike, so it would be a good chance to try it out at Stromlo in preparation for the Scott!

Decisions, decisions!

Matt P's picture

for this ride.
I need to speak to a mate who i will be riding with (bloke in the 2nd 19th hole vid but please don't give him a big head Sticking out tongue).

As I'll be getting lifts with him, I have to go with his plans. Either way, I'll hopefully catch you guys at Majura. I'll still be on a Mongoose, however this time its black and white.

Matt P's picture

Any chance of getting a lift from near the CBD (me + bike).

I'll be staying on Edinburgh Avenue but happy to ride to meet someone




Chris S's picture

Hi Matt, I should be ok to give you a lift. I'll give you a call before.

Matt P's picture

Thanks mate!

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sensai_miagi's picture

yeah sorry mate...jeeten and i are filling out one car...glad chris might be able to help you.

Jee10's picture

Hey. You guys got those machines ready? Mine isn't...I need to place the forks back on tonight. I've printed out 5 copies of maps of Majura Track for riders so we shouldn't get lost. However its very easy to navigate back to the car park.

If there are any late entries (riders) we plan to park closer to the front gate not along the roads edge. But that really depends on the amount of cars parked there. Look out for a Mazda Astina or Laubman and Pank, Sky Blue and Yellow jersey (worn by me).

mtnbike's picture

hi hi - if you're staying anywhere close to the city you can ride out to Majura real easy. Go in from McKenzie St Hackett. We'll be riding there on the Sat morning. Can't wait to hit up the trails and see some action. Will

sensai_miagi's picture

cool. thanks man. i might try that. how long d'you reckon it would take?

Paul_J's picture

But unfortunately Montana and I had to go to a place called Whistler. Did a few runs this afternoon and it's ok here but gee we miss Centenial Park.

Matt P's picture

Paul, get stuffed.

Jeeten, Mark. Good to ride with you both again. Had a fantastic time despite the small disagreement with the tree. My finger is currently the size of Denmark but slowly shrinking.

And what a result yesterday eh?
Glad I got Mr Peat to sign my NobMob t-sirt just before the race. Might be worth something in the future?

And when I work out how to post pics, I'll put some up.

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