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2 blown lungs

You ride maybe once a week and possibly do some other form of exercise.

Rydal near side loop

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A lap of the extended loop on the near side

This is a loop of the usual trails on the near side.
The far end "Kempies come back" does cross private land. At the moment the owners are fine with us using it so long as it is respected. That said it is up for sale

Perimeter Trail Out & Back (from Nerang Ave)

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Terrey Hills / Duffys Forest

All firetrail out and back from Nerang Ave. This is suggested for beginners, but has a few steeper sections (downhill) to start so that's uphill to finish you off.

The Perimeter firetrail is one of the most popular trails on the Northern Beaches. This route is one of the easier options for beginners to explore.

Start at the East end of the trail, which is at the end of Nerang Avenue, Terrey Hills. Many people will also choose to park at the shops on Booralie Road (corner with Yulong Ave) and ride past the playing fields to the trailhead:

Perimeter Start

Lady Carrington Drive

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Royal National Park

Pretty much as easy a mountain bike ride as you will find in Sydney, this out and back is perfect for beginners.

Audley Crossing

If driving to the start, parking can be found at the Royal National Park Visitor Centre just next to the Audley Crossing. As this is a visitor's centre it has toilets, a small refreshments kiosk, etc.

So starting at the Northern end, follow this super easy out and back along the firetrail by the Hacking River. There's nothing technical here at all so this ride is perfect for beginners.

Bruce Ridge Singletrack & firetrail

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Bruce Ridge

A lap of the perimeter single track at Bruce Ridge with the fire trail added on to the end.

Manly Dam - Main Circuit

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Manly Dam

One of Sydney's most popular rides - the famous mountain bike circuit around Manly Dam Reserve.

This is the basic loop, taking in some technical single track, some firetrail and some roads to link it all up.

Here's the pictorial guide to navigating around Manly Dam.

Starting at King Street, Manly Vale. By Manly Hydraulics Laboratory:


Head up Arana Street:

Corner King/Arana

Turn right up Gibb Street and past the school and into the carpark beside it:

Corner Arana/Gibb

Past school on your right (that's the fence just visible), through carpark and onto single track beyond. Some people like to start at this carpark too:

Carpark Entry

McPhail's Firetrail

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Meryla State Forest

McPhail's Firetrail

The tracks in this area take the rider through some of the most spectacular parts of Meryla State Forest and Morton National Park, offering some fantastic riding opportunities.

The two main rides on offer are Meryla Pass and McPhails Firetrail, both of which traverse the escarpment from Fitzroy Falls to the floor of Kangaroo valley, some 600 vertical metres below.

They can be linked for a 4-5 hour epic of climbing and descending. This can be done in either direction, so you could descend into the valley via McPhails and return to Fitzroy Falls via Meryla Pass, or vice versa.

Appin WWS Course 2008

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Sweet, sweet single track with a few short sections of firetrail. Nice and technical too - loved it!

Awesome course... say no more!

Red Hill Technical

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Red Hill

Small ride through Red Hill with lots of technical distractions along the way.

West Head: Waratah + Elvina Tracks

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Elvina Track
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Waratah Track

Two out and backs combined. Climb out of Elvina is a killer.

At the end of Waratah there's a nice rock section with view before you turn around to return.

Waratah View

Cascades from Wyatt Ave

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Single track loop, down Heath, up Quarry, along ridge, down Cascades and return. Easy fire trail with 2 big climbs.

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