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Trailshare Olney Forest

Trailshare Olney Forest Gallery

This is a private riding facility in the Watagan Mountains north of Peats Ridge. A range of riding is on offer - from wide dirt roads and jeep tracks to steep downhills and technical singletrack. Riders need to go to the website - to buy a ride ticket or membership.

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Softtail HELP!! Specialized Vs Scott Vs Giant?!?

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Hey guys,

I'm looking at a cross country, dual suspension for under $2500. Almost half my riding will be ON-ROAD.

I will be using it for moderate/difficult fire trails and UP/DOWN bush tracks (no huge drops, no extreme downhill). My main concerns are LIGHTWEIGHT (14kg max) and at least front SUSPENSION LOCK.

Currently considering (all around $2000):
1/ Scott Aspect FX 15 (front & back lock suspension, 13.9kg)
2/ Specialised FSR-XC Comp (highly reccomended by a friend).
3/ Giant Anthem 2 <--- The talk of the town (fantastic front fork, excellent value, propedal)

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