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bantry bay

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Bantry Bay. Getting Closer....

Checkout Trailscapes latest Photos of the Trailhead.

Also, try and keep of the Trail(s) until opening, don't f@#k it up for the rest of us who have self control and respect.

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Any news on..........


Does anyone have information on the Bantry Bay new trails ?? also the pipeline trail Davidson Creek end is this still closed leading to Cascades walking only??


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Garigal NP/Bantry Bay to get authorised trails - it's official!

Back in June it was announced that NPWS had put out for comment amendments to Garigal National Park that, amongst other things, included provision for an authorised trail at Bantry Bay (see Garigal NP/Bantry Bay Proposed Trails - Act Now!).

The great news is that yesterday these amendments were officially announced and include a map of proposed trails pretty much unchanged from that put out for comment (see attached).

The full plan with these amendments can be found on-line at the Environment & Heritage site here:

It includes some nice phrases such as...

Easily accessible mountain bike riding is also provided for in Garigal National Park. This activity will be enhanced by the purpose-built track proposed for construction in the Bantry Bay area of the park. There are opportunities to link tracks in the park to adjacent natural areas, thus creating a district track network.

The experience provided will be an authorised, cross-country / all-mountain mountain bike route, approximately seven to ten kilometres in length as shown on Map 4. The track will comprise mostly a 'one-way' route from beginner up to intermediate levels. The route will include attractive landscape features, such as view points. It will allow separation of mountain bike riders from bushwalkers. It will be supported by basic local government visitor infrastructure such as car parking space and toilets and will aim to attract local and regional visitors who may wish to enjoy a few hours exploring the park and surrounds.

Happy days Smiling

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Garigal NP/Bantry Bay Proposed Trails - Act Now!

There have been a couple of threads go up on the form about this, but this is actually big, BIG news so please take note.

NPWS have out for comment some proposed amendments to Garigal National Park plan of management. These include construction of a Mountain Bike Track Bantry Bay. Ie. a step closer to the long awaited authorised access to this area.

It's in everyone's interest to get behind this... which is as easy as visiting this page...

Review of Environmental Factors for The Construction of a Mountain Bike Track Bantry Bay Garigal National Park

... and completing the form with some words like, "I'm a keen parks user who fully supports the proposal to create sustainable mountain bike trails at Bantry Bay, and anywhere else in the Sydney's suburban parks for that matter.". Of course, don't use those exact words, but you get the gist.

More details and discussion in these threads (comments on this news item are intentionally disabled):

NPWS Bantry Bay Proposed Trails - Open for Comment - NEW NORTHERN BEACHES MTB TRAILS
NPWS Release of docos for public exhibition (AND COMMENT)

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Currie Road to Bantry Bay return (all the way)

Ride Database Entry: 
Bantry Bay
Exact Distance: 

Quick blast from Currie Road, down the Cook street fire trail to Bantry bay then return.

There's a loop at the end of the trail keep going down the VERY steep section... then turn around, climb, climb, climb... and head for home

Garmin didn't pick up GPS so will post ride map next time... but the loop is not the lap... you have to take the fire trial as far down as it will go...

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Trailwalker 2008 - Cascades & Bantry Bay trails...

Below is a preview, click to read the full post

If you ride these trails you have probably seen a lot more walkers recently.

Every year Oxfam organise an event called "Trailwalker" for 2000 walkers to raise several million dollars to combat poverty:

This 100km walk this year is on 29-31 August 2008 and goes through the Cascades [Ridge Top, Quarry, Bare Creek & Cascades tracks] and Bantry Bay [near Ararat Reserve]

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Sign at Bantry Bay

I was at the Dam today and went over the Bantry Bay. There is now a no bikes sign at the start of the singletrack. It also has a little comment about it being a Aboriginal site.

Is this new? It's been a fair few weeks since I been there.

Unfortunately I still saw plenty of bikes riding out of there who obviously ignored the signs.

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