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Wylde Roly Poly crash today - Lost Helmet

Hi all,

A guy named Michael came off on the Roly Poly today at Wylde MTB park.
I suspect his shoulder may have dislocated and popped back in.
We helped him back to the car park where somebody came to meet him and take him and his car home.

I wanted to post this because he left his Helmet in my car as we were taking him and his bike back.
I'm fairly sure he said he was from the North Shore, so I thought I would try my luck on here.

He rides a yellow 27.5 inch dually, can't remember which brand.
If any of you happen to know him please put him in touch with me.

Thanks, Zeb

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Overseas helmets

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

We at at Mt Buller doing a National Round and yesterday in the cross country the officials checked my helmet twice for the Australian compliance sticker (in practice and on the finish line). So don't bring your overseas helmet! Downhill today so it will be interesting to see if they check there.

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LOST Giro aeon helmet at ourimbah Sunday 5 Jan

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My name is David Paviell. I was at the Ourimbah MTB XC tracks on Sunday 5 Jan. I left my helmet on the car roof at 12pm and when I went back to see if it was there I was told that It was picked up by 2 guys in a grey hatchback. I'm not sure what happened to it from there but I was also told that some people saw it on a sign near the tree tops adventure park. I asked at Tree Tops and they had not seen it.
It is a blue and white team Garmin Grio Aeon helmet. It had a distinctive New Zealand sticker on the right side.

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The Invisible helmet (not for Mountain bikers)


imo, if they could make them very cheap they could be a great option for tourists and those who are just difficult and don't like to wear them.

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MTB Helmet advice

Hey Crew,
New to the sport around 6 month and have had a crappy Bell helmet bought from Anaconda. Can anyone recommend a good brain bucket under say $100. Or is it really worth spending more?

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Bike Airbag

Forget helmets - the Hovding airbag collar has been designed to provide the safety aspects of a helmet without destroying your hair style. Check out the video!

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Cheap Helmet Light

CREE Q5 LED 300 LM 7W Headlamp available on eBay for $16 delivered.

Was able to modify to fit on helmet by removing the strap and attaching with velcro. Makes a great zoom-able spot light. Uses 3 AAA batteries in a separate battery pack. Runs for more than 2 hours on high using rechargeable NiMH batteries.

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Stuart (and other Helmet-Cam'ers)

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Show me your wares!

I've been working on improving the use of my GoPro Hero Helmet Cam. Mine is the non-wide lense. I have the helmet mount, seat post mount, and head mount. I have found I can use the head mount around my chest but got the angle wrong on test.

Check out my productions. Please feel free to vote/rank and/or leave comment. I know some of the resolutions are poor but it takes ages to upload decent footage to youtube, even with cable.

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