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XC Tyre combo help

Im doing my first race soon, DW50. Just looking at getting some lighter/quicker tyres. any help would be good

Thinking of the below combos

Front + Rear
1. Monorail + Cross Mark

2. Aspen + Monorail

3. Aspen + Cross Mark

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Maxxis tyre problems - bulges

This 'little' bulge appeared 4 days after the Angry Doctor, while the bike was simply on its rack.

Seems to be quite a few Maxxis tires (not sure if it's isolated to Crossmarks - which are my favourite tires) with these little bulges appearing (mid ride), therefore rendering the tyre useless... Sad

Not sure exactly how many ppl had had the same problem, but would be keen to write to Maxxis and ask "What's up?"...

Tennis anyone? Tennis anyone (side view)

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Tennis anyone?

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Bulging Crossmark

Noticed this bulge in the tire on arrival at home today. Hmmmm... lucky I wasn't just riding this at silly speeds down big hills! ;)

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UST time

Below is a preview, click to read the full post

Well got a bit lucky today when I realised after the ride that I had a torn sidewall.
Torn sidewall
I sure am having no luck with tyre's and tubes on my new bike. First I get a glass puncture right at the finish of the Dirtworks. Must have been one of those warm beer bottles that we all got handed at the finish line!

Then last week I get a pinch flat after going off a drop in Manly. The tubes that come standard with the Trance X0 sure are damn thin! Some sort of Maxxis lightweight tube.

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Torn sidewall

Well just realised I had a torn sidewall upon finishing my ride today. Was a nice lightweight Crossmark Exception too Sad Only had done a few hundred km on it. They sure are skinny sidewalls on the Exception series. The most abuse this tyre got would have been going down Andersons.

Luckily it didn't blow out on the trail. I just saw the tube bubble out a bit when I got home.

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