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Vote for more MTB Trails!

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Do you want to see more MTB trails in NSW? Then please show your support by voting for the Wylde MTB Trail in the Premier's Peoples Choice Landscape Awards at:

If Wylde wins, then we have demonstrated a popular demand fro MTB trails. We just can't let a seawall at Cronulla beat a MTB trail!

Even if you have never ridden Wylde, or don't even live in Sydney or NSW, your vote(s) will all help the cause of gaining more MTB trails.

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Red Hill

Does anyone know if Red Hill is still open? I was hoping to get up there this weekend but a friend told me that it was closed the last time he went.

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Has anyone ridden at Falls creek?

I'm tossing up mt buller vs falls creek. I believe there are great trails at both, but they are 4 hours apart!
Buller has the new alpine epic trail, falls creek has similar I believe and has also hosted championship races..

If I lived in Melbourne, I could do both on different weekends. But I live in sydney!

Any recommendations and insight appreciated.

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Adelaide Trails

Hi All ,

Has anybody got any Must do trails to ride in Adelaide as i am here for work and have found someone who hires out reasonable Hardtails .
Not so much interested in techy stuff , Eagle mtb park ??, but where else is a good flowy well marked trail to ride

Any help appreciated


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Trails around Dubbo?

Does any one have any info about trails around Dubbo? We will be heading up there this weekend. Our eldest has moved there and we will be taking his bike to him. We wouldn't mind getting a ride in ourselves.
Any info is appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Andrew & Deb

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Riding the Barossa

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Hi, I'm planning a trip to the Barossa Valley, with the Yetti of course, and was wondering if anyone had inside information on trail rides in the area. I'll be hiring a camper van, so mobility won't be a problem. I'll be looking for cross country tracks so a mixture of single track and dirt roads would be the norm I guess, I am an experienced rider with about 7 years under the belt but not looking for anything too narly… I'm looking to go within the next two months.

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Riding buddies / guides in hornsby area for Pom over visiting

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Hi There

Firstly apologies if this is in the wrong place, i wasn't really sure where best to place it.

I'm over from the UK until the 13th Jan and have my bike and my night riding lights with me. I'm staying in Hornsby and am really keen to get out riding so if anyone could show me some local trails i'd really appreciate it. I don't currently have access to a car so am cycling and using the train to get to ride.

I do have two sets of night riding lights with me so if anyone fancies a go a night riding i'd be happy to swap use of my spare light for your local trail knowledge.

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Time is running out!!!!!! Spread the word! Submission Closing date 25th June.

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Please show your support for the draft DEH trails strategy:
Submission Closing date 25th June.
What you need to do to support this strategy:
Email Kain Gardner at State your interest in cycling and support for the draft trails strategy “Linking Adelaide with Nature”.
More info can be found here:

Key points of the strategy:

Kiwarrak State Forest

At a Glance

Status: Unknown
Single Track - Enclosed:
9 for 8.1km (100%)

Kiwarrak State Forest Gallery

Pronounced 'kye-warrick'. Great single track close to Taree.

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