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single speed

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Update SS HT MTB

Excellent for winter riding in the wet!
Front: bottle-mudguard in fluorescent pink for extreme visibility at night!
Gearing is 32:17 which is good on slight climbs, and out of the saddle workouts on longer climbs but still to low on flats or slight declines.
May drop down to 16 on the back...not sure how much difference that would make.
Considering going to 1/2 link bmx chain to lose the chain tensioner don't now if that would work either. Anyone?

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Strange sounds on the converted single speed . . . .

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.
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A long time ago we converted our scale 40 to a single speed. Now running 44/16 with slicks as the commute bike.

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Rebuilt old frame into a single speed commuter/mtb.
Gearing is 32:20 for all the big hills round hornsby Eye-wink
Wide bars 700 with some foam grips will finish the job!

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Breathing life back into a hard tail MTB frame

So I've just finished a project building-up this 8 year old Legless Lizard mountain bike frame as a single speed flip-flop fixie. The frame has been in a bike bag in the garage for years now and its great to be able to breath life back into it.

If anyone's interested in doing something similar, or just interested in what went into it, I kept a blog of the process. Check it out be good to hear your thoughts on whether the flip-flop system is innovative or not? I've not seen many around, but then I don't hang-out much in the fixie world Eye-wink

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A nice surprise in the mail

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Got home after a very ordinary day at work, and look what was waiting for me Smiling

'Tis a Spot Rocker 29er belt drive single-speed. First time for me on both a 29er and a singlespeed.

The weather looks promising for the weekend, although unfortunately the Dam is probably still going to be too wet. Once I've had a couple of rides by myself to get used to the thing, I'll probably organise a Show and Tell ride for those who might be interested. Eye-wink

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Awaba – single speed gearing

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I am relatively new to the world of single speed riding. But I have entered into the Rocky Trail enduro at Awaba in July. I convinced a mate to join me, and given his complete lack of riding opted for the 4hr solo effort. So given the short(er) format I thought go the SS. I understand there is a bit of a hill to deal with so I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions re gearing?

By way of reference I am currently running 32*18 and am happy completing the dam - current SS best lap being 32min 2 sec.

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Feeling Surly

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Surly Ring

I was very organised arriving early with plenty of time to do a bit of a warm up ride before rego. Then a look at Demtel hill again before the race start with Steve and Gazza, which was a good idea as it wasn’t the way we rode the week before.

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Surly Ring

Bent Surly Chainring

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The Turner goes Single Speed with Full suspension

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Whisperer SS 5-Spot Side View It's time to join the off road single speed crowd, so decided to do a conversion of the Turner 5 Spot.

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Whisperer SS 5-Spot Side View

The 5 Spot goes Single speed!

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