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single track

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Downhill sniggle - part 1

A downhill section of single track, it is fairly steep, look out for the tree!

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Small log rollover with a B-line

An approach view of a slight downhill dirt-and-log rollover, with a B-line

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Mt Annan Botanic Gardens Enduro Article

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Mt Annan Botanic Gardens Enduro Article in the Camdem Advertiser "Track for riders is a bush delight". Just in case you wanted a read.

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camden - out and back

just another ride near appin if anyone is interested ...

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Back Yamma Bigfoot 2010

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Sunday, 26 September, 2010 - 08:00

The meeting times are 'ready to ride'. If you need time to prepare equipment then please arrive a few minutes earlier.

Ride Database Entry: 
Back Yamma State Forest
Meeting Point: 

Corner of Back Yamma Road and Parkes Eugowra Road, Eugowra NSW 2806. This is around 25km South of Parkes.

Show on Google maps: Meeting point. Login or register to get directions.

The Back Yamma Bigfoot ( is a new event for 2010 hosted by the Central West Off Road Bicycle Club (CWORBC). This 25/50/100km mountain bike race will be held in the Back Yamma State Forest near Parkes and Forbes in the Central West of NSW (map). Back Yamma is full of great fun single track and not too many big hills, making for a fast and fun ride.

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Hi all, I just completed a visit today of Awaba and I can highly recommend a visit. Well worth it. Sweet single track through rolling country, well maintained, not at all technical so ideal for newbies cruising to experts wanting to fly around a circuit fast. Excellent sign posting. No big climbs, just snaking ascents. However, in these damp conditions, the trail can trip up the unwary. I lost it twice (front wheel) and hit 2 trees (rather large chaps), one upright, the other lying on the ground.

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Rotorua NZ trip anyone?

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Well I have been thinking that we need to do a NoBMoB trip to NZ for a while now.

Time to see If people are interested in signing up for a great week of riding some of NZ's best single track (over 100km of singletrack 15 mins ride from city centre)


I have looked into flights to Rotorua and they are around $500 return. I am waiting for a quote from AirNZ about a group booking as well.

I can possibly get a house or two for the week, estimate $150 per head for the week. Plus food and cost of transport estimate $300 including a day of shuttles.

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Indo Part II

More of the same... Smiling

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Equatorial Singletrack..

In between snorkelling and sleeping I managed to take in the local scenery whilst on holidays in Indonesia.

Right on the Equator I happened off the concreted pathway and followed this trail for an eternity (on foot) or close to 3km of steeply undulating jungle sweetness .

It was so nice just to walk it...alas for holidaying without the bike!

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dawnes ridge??

hey guy's.
top site, been lookin for a while but just joined up.
im just after some info on this trail? always after some fun single track to fang around. i live in lower blue mountains and dee why, depending on work etc. any help would be great.

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