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Mt Buller

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Buller Accom

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Planning a Mt Buller excursion with the fam + friends to Mt Buller over Easter. Some initial googling to find places to stay points me to a place called Mansfield but it is 35ks from Buller but that seems excessively far away. Are there better options?

Looking for something reasonably civilised that has a roof, walls and some form of device to keep the beers cold.

Would appreciate advise from Buller riders who knows the area.

Also climate, been to Thredbo in December and that was colder than what I thought, is end of March "safe" or is it getting a bit late in the season?


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Mt Buller 2014 SML

More Mt Buller goodness... I wonder it tourism NSW are paying attention?

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Mt Buller extra long weekend away Feb 29 to Mar 4

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Greetings all,

I have recently been emailing some friends looking at heading down to Mt Buller, leaving Wednesday arvo Feb 29th and arriving home Sunday evening Mar 4th. The drive each way is about 9 hours. I thought I would at least make the offer to anyone that wants to go too. All comers are welcome. Smiling

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Copperhead Flow Down Trail Now Open, Wow!

Just watched the First Ride Vid, and it left me with Goosebumps, so sweet in so many ways!

Well Done World Trail and Mt Buller Management!

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Mt Buller

I've just been to mt buller for 3 days of down hill riding/crashing. My mates and I had an awesome time there.

all rode Giant Glory Dh1's. if anyone is interested in going down its well worth it.

ps. body armour is a must, i wore some and still broke my elbow.

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MT Buller or Thredbo

Hi All

Wanting to go on a MTB holiday weekend. tossing up between Mt buller and thredbo.

Has anyone been? which is better?

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