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Possible Fat Tyre Festival Entry Available

Would anyone be interested in joining a 3 man team for the Sydney Fat Tyre Festival this Sunday? I am currently in the squad, but with a slower than expected recovery from a herniated disc, I am a doubtful starter. I will get the final word from my physio tomorrow on whether I can ride or not.

PM me or call if you're interested.

FYI: The team's other riders are intermediate standard, one NobMobber, one NonMobber, competing in their first race, looking to have fun and do their best.

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Me on switchies track.

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Scott 24 hour Race

I am looking to join a three man team for the Scott 24 hour race at Stromlo on the 11th and 12th.

I'm an average mtbr and as part of a 3 man team came 9th at the recent Yellomunde 12 hour.

If there is anyone looking for a rider to join their team let me know.

I recently purchased a Specialized stumpjumper comp to replace my Avanti Montari.

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A good day out

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Irate Intern Result - 3h:25m.54
Place 30th of 142 Open Mens
Place 74th of 304 Irate Interns

What a day! Who would think the rain of the prior few days would break out into a fine, clear sunny day? After all the huffing and fussing about rain, mud, and tyre choice, we show up for a fantastic ride in what you would have to call perfect XC trail conditions.

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Rob at the 'End'

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Wow - tough ride

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Not sure how to describe this event - a mixture of both pleasure and pain.

Long periods of extreme pain from unbelievable cramps. My muscles were spasming like there were aliens inside them moving around from about 25kms to the end. Getting off didn't help - the only thing to do was to keep moving and keep the legs spinning. I think maybe the three red wines the night before wasn't a good idea, but then again lots of others I spoke to were cramping.

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