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Rob P starting the climb

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The Yorkshire Stripper

Every race he has to do this... look at the cheeky Yorkshire grin peeping out from under the towel.

Just as wrong as ever! Barf!

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WWS Whisperer

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Another Lap Gaz?

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Le Tour de France

Every night 10:00 pm - 2:00 pm ?
12% (6 votes)
Every night from 10:00 pm untill you crash?
34% (17 votes)
Tape the race and watch the following day?
10% (5 votes)
Watch the highlight shows?
24% (12 votes)
Follow the race via the news reports?
16% (8 votes)
Don't Care?
4% (2 votes)
What's this TdF?
0% (0 votes)
Total votes: 50
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Yellowmundee GP Entry Code

As advised, entries for the Yellowmundee GP will open next week.

NoBMoB members who enter before August 17 will be able to use the code NOBMOB10P to receive 10% discount on entry.

Enjoy Smiling

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Killi = Awesome

Below is a preview, click to read the full post

The 9.2 Km track at Killi is really awesome, being most of it fluid single track with lots of leg killing pinches as can be seen in the profile below.

The event was great and quite well organized.

Thanks for all of the mobbers present, who set up nice and cozy transition site and congratulations to the Lap Dancers for the 3rd place and to the Scummers for the 5th.

Results can be seen here:

Best Mountain Bike