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For Sale: TWE 29er rims


Used 29er rims sold as a set. The one rim is in very good condition and the second has a few dings. If you are only interested in the good one I will sell for $50. I used to race with these wheels but have moved to carbon rims.

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Second set of wheels

Hi all,

bit of a newbie question here. I want to get a second set of wheels which I can put some slicks on for commuting, was thinking either shimano MT55 or Mavic Crossride (any recommendations?). Wondering what I actually need to get along with the wheels, from what I can figure I need the wheels, disc rotors and a 9 speed cassette (riding a Trek Fuel ex9.5), is there anything I'm missing?

Thanks all!


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Wheel issues...

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Hi everyone

Really hoping someone can help me with this because I'm stuck, confused and frustrated Sad

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New wheels - help!

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Hi All,

I had my '09 Epic serviced the other week by the guys at Wembley (thanks boys!) and they mentioned that the rear wheel is on its way out so I thought I should start investigating some options... Could I get some advise as to what to look for? I notice chainreactions has a sale on wheelsets at the moment reviews on the Mavic's look good.

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Wheel shape

Today I noticed that my front and back wheels tend to be slightly out of shape. Every time the wheel goes round there tends to be 2-3mm of movement. Also my breaks seem to be putting on a little resistance however does not seem much. Is there any point taking the bike into the store to get straightened?

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Wheel Size

So recently I have been riding my mates dual 29er around to get a feel for it to see if its for me and I have noticed a few differences to my hardtail 26er. I find that up hills it a lot slower and takes a lot more energy to get up a hill on the 29er than my 26er. Is this due to suspension or wheelsize or am I just imagining things?

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Broken spoke...

I went riding the other day and when i was cleaning bike afterwards i noticed that one of my rear spokes on the casset side was broken. It has snapped at the end where the thread is inside the nipple.
Can i fix this myself with basic tools (chain whip and casset tool) and a new spoke ofcourse, or do in need to take this to a bike shop. If the latter is the solution, is $30 for a repair job decent value?

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GT Outpost Trail

my trusty old purple GT mtb, still shiny, has shark worn sprocket teeth
and despite being bought at my LBS, the LBS mechanic says he has seen other GT bikes in the area but never the particular hub/cluster that is on my bike (519 rims)

I've not seen how it mounts so I dunno but any suggestions on should i get the same cluster despite or is a new hub and respoke the old rim to it is not really that difficult to do ?

or just buy a new wheel ready to go ?

also, i'd like a better first gear (Bedford Creek) or convert it to a 9 speed ?

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Slicks for my 29er MTB

Hi Gang, I want to get another set of wheels for my 29er mtb and put a set of slicks on them - I love it so much I dont want to ride my roady anymore! Smiling

Any recommendations for a good quality strong set of rims and also good slick tyres?

Also, slightly off topics, I put my Woodford to Glenbrook ride up on for those of you who are interested. 58 mins ride time.


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Wheels of Fortune

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I have no clue about TWE wheels.
However may I recommend something for you. All are based on Hope pro 2 hubs.

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