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Update SS HT MTB

Excellent for winter riding in the wet!
Front: bottle-mudguard in fluorescent pink for extreme visibility at night!
Gearing is 32:17 which is good on slight climbs, and out of the saddle workouts on longer climbs but still to low on flats or slight declines.
May drop down to 16 on the back...not sure how much difference that would make.
Considering going to 1/2 link bmx chain to lose the chain tensioner don't now if that would work either. Anyone?

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N + 1 ( stolen !!!)

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Finally got round to posting some pics of my new commuter.....

The 575 can retire from commuting duties and stick to off road fun.

Yeti ARC frame
Niner carbon fork
Mavic SpeedCity 700 wheels
Middleburn RS8 Xtype crank
(new design for ext. BB)
Middleburn 38t DH chainring
(Uno rings are not available yet for ext. BB model)
Chris King BB and HS
Thompson seatpost and stem
Element Nickel Ltd. Ed. bar
(cut down to 685mm)
X-9 RH shifter
X-9 med. cage rear derailleur
SLX 11-28 cassette
Elixir R brakes
Salsa seatpost collar
Ozrider foam grips

Weight 9.5kg

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Sanyo Hybrid Electric/Human Powered Bicycle

I found this pretty cool..,28348,...

If I didn't actually enjoy the thrill of pushing myself hard whilst commuting to work, this would actually be pretty good.

I reckon it'd be perfect for those who don't have the luxuries of showers at work.. and can get into work on a bike sweat free?

I like the regenerative braking system. Thats clever.

huh, cheaper than all our bikes too! Smiling

I'd never use it, but hey, if it gets more people on bikes, then all the better.

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Single Speed Commuter

My Single Speed commuter finished Finally!

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Single Speed Commuter

Ahh thats better!

No need for a chain tensioner thanks to a Half Link!

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Commuter after SS conversion

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Commuter converted to a Singlespeed.

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Commuter before SS conversion

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My Scott hardtail commuter before its transformation.

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