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Glenrock Volunteer Maintenance Day Pics from March 13, 2010

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I thought this may be of interest to you guys. Of late we have been getting very active with the NPWS up here in actually getting in and maintaining the trail network.

We worked on a very difficult section of trail near the Treatment works known as “Shit Happens” and were working in conjunction with the NPWS, who have done a lot of machine work so far and will continue with this as an ongoing project.

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Glenrock on everytrail

follow the pretty blue dot
i've looked at endomondo, mapmyride, garmin
this was nice without spending hours, as yet, analysing it's pros and cons

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Glenrock Recreational Area - Newcastle

Great work Rob for adding Glenrock to the trail database.

For those of you who haven't been up there (Newcastle) before, Glenrock has some great XC single track to check out. Lots of fun, some technical stuff, but all very manageable.

A great day trip from Sydney or the coast - and close to the beach / town if you feel like a surf / swim / beer afterwards.

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Glenrcok Draft POM process update

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Just a quick update for those of you who took the time to put in a submission to the draft Glenrock POM.

Speaking to NPWS there were over 180 submissions to the proposal, with the vast majority being pro mtb access.

From a mtb stand point, the submissions were positive with the main concern raised being access to the southern area of the park. What NPWS do with this, I don't know, but I am quietly confident that the southern boundary, while not being removed, may be amended. Time will tell.

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Glenrock Plan is Up

As discussed in NPWS - Draft Plan of Management for Glenrock the POM was coming. It's now out and can be found here:

There is an online form and you can complete a positive comment in seconds. Even something like, "I enjoy MTB riding and welcome legal single track and firetrail network in the park. I would be much more likely to visit Glenrock with these facilities in place." will do (although please don't copy that word for word as they weed out duplicates). So no more excuses - everyone should be commenting on this!

This is very important even for those living quiet a distance from Glenrock, as if passed in it's current form this plan will legalise single track in the park. If this happens we should all be using as an example of what can be done in other NPWS areas, and the benefit for Sydney riders should be pretty obvious in that light.

Huge thanks to Sammydog and co. for their work on this. They've done their bit, now it's time for us to do ours! Take a few seconds and use the comment form here:

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NPWS - Draft Plan of Management for Glenrock

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Its been a long time since I posted here on the Glenrock POM (not sure I have), or really had anything to post. I do now so I have created this thread as a spot for people to ask questions about, or discuss news as it arrives.

The big news is that the Draft POM is being launched on Monday 16th Feb. I will be at the launch and speaking to the politicians on offer, but basically the chance is just about here for everyone to have their say.

Ed: Update 22-Feb: The plan is now out for comment. It can be downloaded here (this page also includes details of how to comment):

I would encourage everyone to submit a comment. It doesn't have to be wordy, even something simple as, "Please adopt the network of MTB trails as I love the sport and this will encourage me to visit the park." will do (although please don't copy that word for word - they weed out duplicates).

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