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Old Ghost Road - riders wanted!

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Looking for a few additional riding mates (3) for a 1 week supported tour of some of the best single in the South Island. Highlight would be riding the entire length of the Old Ghost Rd - 82kms of sweet single track. Lots more single track including St James, Blue Spur, Craigieburn, Hanmer Springs (hot springs) this would be a 1 week trip with start/finish in Christchurch. Approx costs are ~$2000 for the fully supported tour + airfare to NZ + walking around money.

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The Pioneer - 7 days in New Zealand, a beautiful country that makes for a brutal test

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There were times that I actually thought I would be better off sat at my desk at work……luckily hindsight is a wonderful thing and I can now say that the time I spent in New Zealand’s South Island, racing the inaugural Pioneer stage race, with friends and newly made friends, in an amazing environment, and enjoying the hospitality and culture was full of unforgettable moments and enjoyment.

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Just wanted to say thanks to kittheknightrider for his tips on where to stay in Rotorua. The Alpin is excellent. Close to the trails, a functional kitchen, free wifi, a bike wash, and very comfortable. Our suite has separate bedrooms for a very reasonable rate. A bike mounted atop the sign is a good clue they welcome mountain bikers. Smiling

We arrived yesterday and hit the trails for the first time today.

Highlights of todays riding were The Dipper, A Trail, Tickler, B Rude Not 2 and Mad If You Don't.

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For those heading to NZ: Cadrona lifts open to bikes in December

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I just noticed this in the news. If you're planning a trip to UnZud over the holidays maybe it's worth a look?

They do say there will be some XC trails but I'd imagine it's mainly gravity orientated.

The ‘Cardrona Bike Park’ will open for 10 days in total, from Dec 27th – 31st and from January 3rd – 7th. The Whitestar Chairlift will operate daily from 10am-4pm offering lift accessed trails for Downhill mountain biking enthusiasts.

Looks a little nippy Eye-wink

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Rotorua Redwoods - Video Highlights

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HI Guys

At the end of January I spent 1.5 days riding the Rotorua Redwoods. Despite having an unnatural obsession with watching the AMB Mag and FlowMTB videos I still was unprepared for the amazing experience of riding the Redwoods. Probably the most surprising aspect was how technical the trails were, despite the lack of rocks.

The 2 minute trailer I did for my friends who really aren't into it that much

The full 14 minute video

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Heading to the Rotorua Redwoods for a hit and run - all tips welcomed!!

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Hi Everyone (not sure what category I should have put this post)

Im heading to the Rotorua Redwoods the weekend after next for a hit and run. Saturday afternoon and Sunday until I can't ride no more (so maybe lunch).

Im hiring because I have the work trip from hell either side of Rotovegas and don't want to be lugging the bike box around. I'm staying at the Alpin and have a car.

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New Zealand

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

I have a week off in April. I want to go to New Zealand to have a look at their legendary trails.
So for the lucky ones that have been there:

Rotorua or Queenstown?
Take my own bike (Stumpy) or hire one there?
What is the weather like in April?



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