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NSW is a Fine State

Some interesting statistics in this Guardian Article:

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Bike rack fine!

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Copped a $327 fine for "Obscuring number plates" for our tow bar bike rack.
Now we genuinely had no frickin clue about the requirement for special bike plates but the size of the fine is pretty harsh.
Legally speaking, pleading ignorance is far from an excuse, but has anyone been successful in getting off these sorts of fines?

The size of the fine is a little harsh I felt. If it ranged something similar to not having P plates on or something to that effect, where it used to be around $80 - $120...fair enough. Quite happy to take it on the chin and lesson learnt but shit! $327!!

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Mountain Bike Use of Illegal Tracks & Closed Trails

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I have been asked to post the below by local rangers as a reminder to all that building illegal single track in National Parks is just not worth it.

Not only will you be fined and your work destroyed by the rangers, you will also show the sport of mountain bike riding in a very bad light and hinder efforts for legal trail access.

If you want to discuss this, please do so in the trail advocacy forum.

On Saturday 8th March 4 mountain bike riders were apprehended riding the illegally constructed downhill track off Smiths Creek Track (that runs of the Perimeter trail in Ku-Ring-Gai Chase National Park). Smiths Creek Track is clearly signposted at the locked entrance gate as a "WALKERS ONLY" track.

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