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What happens when you take cycling seriously

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An interesting article in Saturday's AFR on NZ's efforts to provide facilities for cyclists and the effect it can have on the economy.

The 18 “Great Rides” comprising the New Zealand Cycle Trail will span the country and are designed to be conquered by biking dynamos and amateurs alike. When completed early next year, it will provide 2300 kilometres of trail, linking up with other largely on-road cycling routes and giving tourists more opportunities to cover the country by bike.

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Career in the Cycling World

Hi Guys,

I am looking for any tips or pointers that you guys may have when it come to entering the big bad and underpaid world of the cycling industry. I would like to start off in wholesale, but will look at retail opps, plus I would love to pick up the skills of a mechanic.

I am over qualified, in my early 30's and love cycling.


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Baby seat


i would like to take my baby daugther out for rides, and i was wondering if anyone had experience with bicycle baby seats. i would like to get one that goes in teh front (as i would like the little girl to see more than just her daddy's a$$) and i guess like many modern fully suspended bikes i need something that is fairly flexible when it comes to mounting options.

any ideas?


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